HAWASSI (Hamiltonian Wave-Ship & -Structure Interaction) software is a water wave simulation software for simulating all wave-related activities in coastal, ocean and maritime engineering. The software is a result of scientific researches that is conducted in  LabMath-Indonesia in collaboration with University Twente, The Netherlands, with additional financial support of Netherlands Technology Foundation STW and Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences KNAW.

The first release in September 2015 provide tools that cover application areas such as

  • Pre-design of experiments in wave tanks to test ships
  • Optimal (re-) design of harbours, break waters, etc
  • Detection of coastal locations with minimal infragravity waves
  • Coastal effects of tsunamis
  • Extreme wave statistics
  • Multi-modal sea states with wind and swell waves

Future releases will include fully nonlinear coupling of waves and ship motions and data-assimilation methods.

Optimal (re-) design of harbours and breakwaters

Wave design for wave tank experiments

Pre-design of experiments in wave tanks to test ships

Irregular wave simulations vs experiment

4. Deep Water Simulation