HAWASSI© for Maritime Advancement

HAWASSI software is designed for all wave-related activities in coastal, ocean and maritime engineering.

The first release in September 2015 provide tools that cover application areas such as

  • Pre-design of experiments in wave tanks to test ships
  • Optimal (re-) design of harbours, break waters, etc
  • Detection of coastal locations with minimal infragravity waves
  • Coastal effects of tsunamis
  • Extreme wave statistics
  • Multi-modal sea states with wind and swell waves

Future releases will include fully nonlinear coupling of waves and ship motions and data-assimilation methods.


At LabMath-Indonesia, we aim to perform and disseminate relevant research at an international level with young and senior researchers from Indonesia and abroad. Our research has a strong applied-mathematical background underlying the complicated diverse phenomena that are visible in real life

Let nature tell its secrets. Listen to the physics in its mathematical language.

Restrain from idealization. Only then models will serve us in abundance.

In this spirit we wish to maintain and improve HAWASSI, supported and motivated by problems that practitioners are willing to share with us.



Invitation for participation

WORKSHOP, 2 March 2017: Introduction of HAWASSI-wave software for wave-tank, coastal and ocean engineering applications

SYMPOSIUM, 3 March 2017: New developments on coastal and ocean engineering

The workshop is designed to introduce HAWASSI-wave software and to give a quick start in the back ground of the modelling methods and the practical use of the software.
The symposium aims to share recent developments on coastal and ocean engineering.