CilacapCoastal Oceanography

HAWASSI – VBM (Variational Boussinesq Model) for Ocean and Coastal Engineering

The HAWASSI-VBM is a software for the simulation of realistic waves in wave tanks and oceanic and coastal areas, harbours.

For coastal engineering applications, such as design of harbours, breakwaters, or to determine suitable places for FSRU’s and jetty’s, reliable simulations prior to construction can increase efficiency and cost effectiveness

HAWASSI-VBM is perfectly suited for such simulations

  • tailor made dispersion
  • weakly nonlinear effects
  • strongly varying bathymetry and depth adjusted unstructured grid
  • inclusion of coastal structures like harbours, breakwaters
  • a posteriori calculation of forces on structures


Capabilities & Technical aspects

  • VBM for simulations in the deep ocean and for coastal areas with strongly varying bathymetry and complicated harbour lay-outs with partially reflecting walls and breakwaters.
  • A user friendly GUI and an extensive manual guides the modelling  set-up; starting with the coast line boundaries, successively influx lines, harbour walls and damping zones can be added, after which a depth-dependent unstructured grid is generated.
  • Embedded wave influx of short crested waves for given parameter values or user defined time signals.
  • For long simulations there is the option of partitioning the calculation.
  • Post-processing is guided by a GUI.
  • With an internal flow post-processing module, the interior fluid velocities, pressure and acceleration can be calculated to determine forces on structures.

Simulation of irregular waves entering a harbour

Irregular wave simulations vs experiment

Optimal (re-) design of harbours and breakwaters

Harbour assessment