LabMath-Indonesia, is the research institute where the software is maintained and further developed; the Support Office is located there also.

Reactions from users are most welcome. If functionalities are desired to be developed that are not available, arrangements can be made to design the functionality together with shared contributions.

In-house expertise at LabMath-Indonesia makes it possible to determine wave climate and extreme conditions in the South East Asian region to combine with our software for met-ocean projects.

Questions to the Support Office (by email) should be kept to a minimum, but we are very interested in possible bugs or desired extensions of the capabilities.

  • If you experience any problems with the software, please consult first the FAQ.
  • For an introduction to use the software, consult the manual and run the test cases.
  • In case you obtain unexpected and seemingly incorrect results of a simulation, first check the settings and run again with different parameter settings.
    Then check if a new version of your software is available, and if so, download the new version and perform the simulation again.
    If none of the attempts seems to lead to reliable results, send an email to the support office with at least the following information:

    • Type of code (and license name)
    • Provide the settings by attaching the GUI-Main
    • Describe as clear as possible what the problem is you experience (what you get and how this differs from what you expect)